7 Adire Clothing Brands in Nigeria

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It takes about three days to locally produce a yard of Adire. From the use of raffia to cassava paste, creators apply a range of techniques to make stunning designs that last years. But three days is a long time, and so modern designers have found newer methods that save time and lead to higher output. An example is the use of candle wax and foam, which takes about 24 hours to complete 2 and a half yards of designing.

Adire is a type of textile popular among the Yoruba people of Southwestern Nigeria, and whether produced by old or new methods, it continues to face fashion challenges. Here are some Adire brands keeping the textile on the map.


1. Roy Urban Kollection

Roy Urban Kollection is an African handmade textile, fashion, and art brand. The brand’s products are unique fusions made into existing and new pieces that reveal the beauty of Africa.

Adire by Roy Urban Kollection

Roy Urban Kollection
Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
Website: www.royurbankollection.com/ 
Instagram: @royurbankollection



2. Design For Love (DFL)

DFL specializes in bespoke, made-to-measure female garments and also produces fabric and leather bags and belts to compliment the outfits. Their pieces are personalized with hand-sewn sequins, trims, and other embellishments. Each outfit is considered a unique work of art that tells its own story.

Adire by DFL

Design For Love (DFL)
Location: Lagos, Nigeria 
Website: www.buydfl.com/ 
Instagram: @dflrocks




3. Dye and Waxes

Dye and Waxes is a textile brand that sells timeless and unique hand-dyed fabrics. Their fabrics are designed and hand-dyed in Nigeria by experienced textile artisans, using a variety of traditional dyeing techniques (like Adire oniko and Adire alabela).

Adire by Dye and Waxes

Dye and Waxes
Location: Lagos, Nigeria.
Website: NA
Instagram: @dyeandwaxes



4. Iré Dire

Iré Dire is a Ready-to-Wear fashion line creating beautiful designs from indigenous prints. For Iré Dire, it’s all a work of Art. Their focus is to create amazing pieces from locally-made prints, and they predominantly use Adire & Asó Oké fabrics for their designs.

Adire by Ire Dire

Ire Dire
Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
Website: NA
Instagram: @ire.dire



5. Aşo Ìbílę Mì

Aşo Ìbílę Mì is an Indigenous Female Clothing Brand. They produce modern pre-eminent Afrocentric pieces with the love of promoting and preserving the African Cultural Heritage. They are dedicated to helping you look good while you get value for money spent on clothing.

Aşo Ìbílę Mì

Aşo Ìbílę Mì
Location: Lagos, Nigeria.
Website: www.asoibilemi.com/ 
Instagram: @adirestylesng



6. ISS Adire

ISS Adire provides unique Adire prints on silk, chiffon, and other fabrics.

Adire by ISS Adire

ISS Adire
Location: Online store
Website: NA
Instagram: @issadire



7. GlaminAdire

GlaminAdire is an African fashion brand that transforms tie & dye and Batik prints into stylish timeless pieces that makes you stand out at work or at play.

Adire by GlaminAdire

Location: Lagos, Nigeria.
Website: Glam/inAdire
Instagram: @glam.in.adire





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