4 Pest Control Services in Nigeria

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There’s nothing worse than chasing a roach with your shoe or finding rats and bugs in unexpected places. How do you handle an increasing number of pests in your home or prevent them altogether? Here are four pest control services in Nigeria to help tackle your pest issues. 


1. Dews and Petals

Dews and Petals is a professional pest control, disinfection, and fumigation company in Abuja, Lagos, and Port-Harcourt.

Dews and Petals pest control company in Nigeria

Location: Abuja, Lagos, Port-Harcourt.
Website: Dews.ng
Instagram: @dewsandpetals
Facebook: @dewsandpetals



2. Bug Pro

Bug-pro services, a subsidiary of so-kleen ltd, is a professional pest management company that offers complete pest control services for residential, commercial, and industrial establishments in Nigeria. They also advise you on preventing and controlling pests and proofing your premises.

Bug Pro pest control service in Nigeria

Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Website: www.bug-pro.com.ng
Instagram: @bug.pro


3. Betran Cleaning Services

Betran is a cleaning company in Nigeria that provides dependable, competent, and cost-effective services. They handle anything from deep cleaning to post-construction cleaning, and office cleaning, for both households and businesses.

Betran Cleaning Services in Nigeria

Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
Website: www.betrancleaningservices.com
Instagram: @betran_cleaning_services


4. Greenminix Pest Control

Greenminix offers effective and professional pest control and fumigation services for homes and businesses in Nigeria. They’ve provided professional pest control and disinfection services for over 100 clients.

Greenminix Pest Control fumigation service in Nigeria

Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Website: www.greenminix.com
Instagram: @greenminix_pest_control
Facebook: @greenminix



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